Cancellation & Refunds: Online Training

For self-learning course videos:

Raise refund request within 7days of purchase of course. Refund of course fee request will be void once student access more than 25% of the course videos.Duplicate payments made for the course can be requested for refund by following the same process of cancellation and refund.

All refund request should be mailed to and will be will be processed within 7 days from the date of approval by Tradonomix management.


Terms and Conditions

Tradonomix Academy is purely a learning site, which delivers technical trading course in various levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced and professional. The courses are based on Price action trading method. The curriculum is owned by Tradonomix and the teachings are based solely on our expertise, opinions and belief. Our opinion herein is completely a matter of interpretation and therefore is not to be deemed as financial advice under any circumstances. Neither is our opinion binding on any of the regulatory bodies/ authorities. We undertake no obligation or liability on our part, for the members/ student’s’ investment/ trading decisions based on the training provided by us. Neither Tradonomix nor our affiliates, information providers and content partners warrant or guarantee the timeliness, sequence, accuracy or completeness of the training/ information that is provided. All tools used for trading and training within our courses, are used only to demonstrate and explain concept of trading and solely for the purposes of information and education. Therefore, the training/ information provided by us are purely academic in nature and are not meant to be used as tips or calls or any basis for actual trading. Members/ Students are recommended to read the Risk Disclosure Document issued by SEBI and relevant exchanges prior to any actual trading activities.


Privacy policy

Contact information provided while registering with Tradonomix will be confidential and will not be shared or sold to any third party associates or vendors for marketing. The contact details will be used only for internal marketing and for seeking feedback on our courses. Tradonomix may request for testimonials and feedbacks which will be exhibited in our website. These testimonials may contain your personal information as well as picture.

Third party associates

Tradonomix website would house advertisement and promotions of our associates. We do not take any responsibility if your contacts have been misused by these vendors if you have disclosed your confidential information to them. You may follow the terms and conditions and policy documents of these third party vendors in our website if interested to associate with them.

Course Content

All the courses offered by Tradonomix will be in the form of self learning videos. The course will be a blend of explanation and live chart examples. Tradonomix reserves the right to modify the course material without any notice.


Copyright information

Tradonomix holds the copyright to the course content. The copyright course content can be used purely for self learning purpose and cannot be used to exchange in classroom or training sessions. Misuse of these content will be considered again the law of copyright.